26 February 2018

Celaton & UP3 deliver ServiceNow and inSTREAM integration

Posted in Technology

Over 80% of CIO's already use machine learning technology or have plans to deploy it and the level of investment will double in the next three years as companies seek better ways to drive digital transformation.

The competitive advantage created through the application of machine learning is significant and yet it is still considered to be a task that requires the unique talents of data scientists that are in short supply.

The reality is that platforms like inSTREAM from Celaton enable organisations to leverage machine learning as a service to achieve even greater value from their line of business systems and deliver efficiencies that were previously out of reach.

A great example is in operation at Virgin Trains who have recently deployed ServiceNow through their UK partner UP3 Services.

Integrated with ServiceNow, inSTREAM consumes enquiries, complaints and claims that flow in to the Customer Resolutions Centre every day by email and web contact. inSTREAM understands the meaning and intent of every contact and can recognise and extract the key data before verifying and enriching that data with information from other sources.

Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn through the natural consequence of processing and by monitoring the actions and decisions of service advisors who deal with exceptions when inSTREAM isn't confident enough. Through tight integration, inSTREAM updates ServiceNow with complete structured data in order to continue the process.

The integration of ServiceNow and inSTREAM enables our customer to deliver better service but it's not just the technology that enabled this but the collaborative approach taken by Celaton and UP3. Both our companies are passionate about enabling our customers to deliver great customer service and this is only possible with domain expertise and willingness to work in partnership with our customer.

"We're hugely proud of what we have achieved with Virgin Trains" said Ruth Weatherall, Director at UP3 Services "We've moved their Customer Resolutions centre from their legacy CRM system onto ServiceNow Customer Service Management and they are now managing all their customer cases using the power of the ServiceNow platform. With Celaton, this means that all the unstructured content that is received from customers can be brought into the system and handled with even greater efficiency."

Andrew Anderson CEO of Celaton said of the partnership “Celaton and UP3 both share a passion to enable organisation to operate more efficiently and deliver better service to their customers as a result. Our shared commitment to this belief meant the integration of inSTREAM with ServiceNow is the perfect marriage. UP3 have been a dream to work with and enabled a great integration of the two technologies.”