16 April 2018

Capgemini & Celaton - Reimagining Finance Powered by Intelligent Automation

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These are exciting times for CFOs. There is growing anticipation in the boardroom that technology and automation will finally deliver the promise to connect business information and business performance.

Data, information and analytics is at the center of the agenda, and this is both driving and enabling Finance to respond to next-generation challenges. Coupled with that, automation is opening up many opportunities to do more with less—meeting the frequently demanding, often conflicting requirements of all key stakeholders, from employees to customers, and from auditors to shareholders.

The opportunities offered by automation technology are limited only by imagination and mindset. But to ensure automation delivers on its promise, it is crucial to have the right approach to planning, implementation, and the targeted selection of appropriate pilot projects.

Intelligent automation can help finance leaders achieve the business outcomes they need in terms of revenue growth, profitability, working capital, and delivering customer satisfaction, both internally and externally.

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Capgemini combine their robotics solution with Celaton's inSTREAM™ intelligent character recognition (ICR) technology to create robots that can read and interpret incoming data. For example, our iLogic solution reads and triages your incoming unstructured data to accelerate resolution of disputes. This can result in:

  • 4.6-day reduction in dispute resolution
  • Up to 80% automation of query indexing.

Capgemini also combine RPA with inSTREAM  to create robots that can read and interpret incoming data—improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our processing. For example, we leverage ICR and RPA for increased efficiency and improved accuracy of your processes. This can result in:

  • Over 30% improvement in efficiency.
  • 20% improvement in bank statement booking processing time.
  • 25–30% improvement in bank reconciliation processing time
  • Up to 30% improvement in cash flow reporting.

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