Sales Order processing automationAn organisations ability to quickly and accurately process incoming sales documents is essential to achieving financial success and competitive advantage, however, it is an extremely complex environment with changing customer demands, sales channels and growth. 

Enhance operational efficiency through automating your sales order processing.

Delivered as a service, inSTREAM processes the plethora of content and information that flows into organisations every day from customers, suppliers and employees received by email, attachments, social media, fax, post, paper and other electronic data streams. inSTREAM applies sophisticated algorithms including AI, machine learning and intelligent classification and data extraction to streamline labour intensive clerical tasks and decision making across varied functions such as requests, sales order and invoice processing.

Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn through the natural consequence of processing and by monitoring the actions and decisions of people involved in the process.

It’s intelligent automation, but to our customers, it’s the best knowledge worker they ever hired, and it means increased productivity, ability to scale on demand, compliance and better service.

Specialised AI's for:

  • Sales Orders
  • Receipts
  • Order Requests

Customers who applied inSTREAM to their processes achieved:

  • Improved customer experience
  • Improved cost and efficiency
  • Accelerate processing and visibility
  • Consistent Execution

  • "Celaton exceeded our expectations. An average 74% reduction in transaction costs and £1.45 million operational savings in 12 months."

    Alistair Holt, Financial Systems Manager, Gullivers Travel Associates
  • "Celaton's purchase to pay solution delivers complete control and visibility across our business."
    Bruce Marson, Director Shared Services, Carphone Warehouse