Insurance thumbnailWith Celaton’s inSTREAM platform, organisations can enhance data security and compliance by enabling them to organise and make sense of the plethora of information they receive daily from people, identifying potential risks and breaches to General Data Protection Regulations.   

Delivered as a service, inSTREAM applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and streamline the way organisations process the plethora of unstructured, varied content they receive every day by post, paper, fax, email, attachments, social media and many other electronic data streams.

Unique to inSTREAM is its ability to learn the pattern of unstructured and semi-structured content through the natural consequence of processing and monitoring the actions and decisions made by humans involved in the process.
inSTREAM applies business rules compliant with GDPR to your incoming data enabling it to identify breaches, triggering deletion or retention permission requests from the data owner.

inSTREAM delivers guaranteed perfect structured data to line of business systems meaning that organisations can quickly access and manage data to ensure full compliance with GDPR and as a result deliver better service to customers, employees and staff.