Davies Group

The Davies Group is one of the UK's premier providers of total claims solutions across all sectors of the insurance market, including Claims Management, Validation, Fulfilment and Bespoke Solutions for the majority of UK insurers, including companies like Churchill, Admiral and Zurich.

With ambitious plans for growth following a management buy-out, the Davies Group decided to vastly improve the way they handled insurance claims and turned to Celaton and its cloud based Ai technology platform, inSTREAMâ„¢.


inSTREAM processes complex claim documents received by post (scanned) and email. It has learned to automatically identify claim documents and key data within content. inSTREAM uploads 'case ready' documents and key data to Davies claims management system and document management system ready for processing by Davies claims managers.

Benefits Achieved

  • Significant reduction in manual effort (4 people can now process around 3000 claims a day)
  • Ability to scale up on demand without additional resource
  • Competitive advantage in industry
  • Improved customer experience and relationships

  • "inSTREAM has proven to be immensely powerful and means that we can easily scale to handle the increase in claims volumes."

    Mark Grocott, Managing Director DMS, Davies Group
  • "inSTREAM helps us to reduce claim cost and speed up the claims process, a win-win outcome for insurer and policyholder alike."

    Mark Grocott, Managing Director DMS, Davies Group