Delivered as a service, our machine learning platform enables our customers to deliver better service, faster with fewer people. We lead the way in the application of machine learning to streamline labour intensive clerical tasks and decision making in the processing of the plethora of content that organisations receive from their customers, suppliers and employees every day by email, post, paper, fax, social media and many other electronic data streams.
Alongside our partners, our team comprises business, operational and technical experts with all the knowledge and experience needed to rapidly deploy and support inSTREAM to solve challenges even in the most complex environments.
Celaton was born in 2004 from the management buyout of Redrock software plc and the acquisition of DG Tech and our founders are still the driving force behind our business today. It's an exciting journey that is being richly rewarded through the success we create for our customers. You can read about them in our case studies - they are testimony to the fact that our technology delivers rapid tangible benefits and in our ability to keep our promises. These values are ingrained in our culture and throughout our workforce. They are the essential ingredient in our ‘recipe’ and the reason why Celaton is such an inspiring place to work. Above all, we continually strive to earn the trust and confidence of all those that we work with.
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